Sunday, December 11, 2016

Leading up to Christmas

These are all out of order so I'll just describe here....we have Christmas tree decorating and the Christmas Village that Eden was very into this year. There is a picture of her staring at it for a while after she set it up. Also, the kids, especially Brady, had a lot of fun mixing up the Merry Christmas blocks to spell different things.  Sam set up gingerbread houses with the kids and Jordan and Kolby collaborated to make a Crack House. There was also the ward activity, Jordan was the MC, Sam signed a song and Eden and Tucker were in the Primary chorus.  There was the ugly sweater day for Eden and Tucker that I tried to avoid but they were still determined the morning of so we got creative with puppets. Last, we got our picture before church in our Christmas Sunday best (the week before because we knew Christmas would be crazy).

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