Saturday, December 3, 2016

November Moments

One day after seminary Brady's tire just fell off!  Luckily he wasn't on the freeway, he had just left seminary for school with his carpool and something felt funny so he pulled into a parking lot and that's when it fell off. Luckily Sam had taught seminary that day so he was still there meeting with the area leader so he was able to run over and help.  Notice the groove on the ground!  It turns out the wrong lug-nuts were on the car and they stripped over time so Sam had to take a lug-nut from each of the other tires to put it back on.  That lead to another series of unfortunate car events which started with a tire repair and heater repair and went on to having Brady driving the car a few hundred feet at a time to pull over and let it cool down taking a long time to get back to the mechanic, and we ended up selling this car to CarMax and Sam got a Chevy Volt instead.

The usual award pictures!

Eden, Jordan and I went to see our friend Sam as Maurice in Beauty and the Beast.

I voted in this historic election and it was a hard decision!

Tucker was looking at the table that my great grandpa Astle made and wanted to know what it said underneath so he took a picture so I could read it to him, it says: Built By Great grandpa William L. Astle at the age of 100 years, Aug. 21, 1990

Sam always has fun interpreting at the Disney Marathons!

Eden took a picture of the sink to show me how well she cleaned it!

Waiting after church for tithing settlement

Piano recital and Eden also sang Tomorrow from Annie

 I thought their photo booth pictures from the dance were pretty funny!

 We all forgot that Jordan was speaking in Sacrament meeting until we arrived at church and saw his name on the program. He quickly looked at the talk he was speaking about and basically had to wing it and he did a great job. Anyone that heard he wasn't prepared didn't believe us after his talk! I made him take some pictures after to remember this day and one is with Ben, the other youth speaker.

Brady and Jordan got to go to a Friendsgiving dinner.

We went to the park with some friends and Eden brought her friend home with her while Tucker went with her brothers. The spent an hour sewing these little doll pillows.

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