Saturday, December 17, 2016

December Moments

We met up for dinner with my good friend Tyler from my freshman year at BYU, we hiked the Y at 9:00 at night on our very first night there and then were friends from then on out! When I got home, I had to pull out some of the old pictures to post (that come later in this post).

On the last day of school before break, Kolby went to a fun white elephant birthday party. I stole this picture from his friend's Instagram and I also stole some pictures of Jordan at school dabbing with a man-bun from Snapchat and one of Brady and their friend that was in town when they hacked someone else's Snapchat.

Eden had her Christmas recital, she did a jazz routine, hip hop routine and a Musical Theater routine.

The boys popped popcorn all day for their scout fundraiser, well Brady got there after he took the ACT.

Eden's little young friend had moved away but when she came back for a visit, Eden went back to help when mom took the baby out. Eden is so sweet to notice and help.

Youth Christmas Service Activity

Deaf day at Disneyland

Relief Society Christmas Activity

Flashback pictures from my Freshman year at BYU
Camping trip

Last night of Freshman year

The boys went to the New Years Eve, Eve, dance at Scandia. Kolby was still sick.

Eden spent a lot of Christmas break sewing things, she made this for Brianna's birthday and she practiced cupcake decorating techniques for Bri's cake wars party. The picture shows her experimentations with honey.

Everybody fights over getting a chance to hold Luke at the church.
Brady went on a date to see the Christmas lights at the Mission Inn, I can't remember if I already posted these.

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